Stanley Maxwell, 37, was arrested on narcotics charges.

Maribel Delgado was arrested Wednesday by Santa Barbara Sheriff Deputies

Alejandro Melendez rang police in Cleveland, Ohio, because he felt he was in danger – then asked them to hold on while he made a drug deal.

Velasquez-Hernandez,tried to smuggle in a suitcase through Baltimore-Washington international airport

Shounna Hines, 24, of Caulton Street, Nottingham, has been charged with attempting to smuggle drugs into the UK, after cocaine worth at least £90,000

Arrested of Tyree Rudolph, 26, for possessing powder cocaine and a 9mm semiautomatic handgun, police said.

Arthur Michael Kinsella sentenced on Wednesday to a year in prison for failing to appear for his arraignment in August 2005.

Brett Raymond Stevens, 44, was yesterday granted bail after appearing in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on six charges, including drug trafficking.

Zafar Iqbal,jailed for six years for the drugs conspiracy and two years on top for handling stolen goods.

Artulo Sanders major cocaine drug dealer in Michiana went to prison for 12 to 20 years

Arrested three suspects identified as Larry Don Sullen (B/M 23 yoa), Rudolph Jamarion Peacock (B/M 19 yoa) and Bridgette Joetta Pelham (W/F 24 yoa)

Bryan Williams and Troy Morris, were both arrested by the police and brought before the court yesterday

Raphael Espinal is being held after authorities at Logan International Airport allegedly found about two kilograms of cocaine in a secret compartment

Gregory T. Kaczmarek the city's ex-police chief was handcuffed and hauled off to start a two-year prison sentence for his role in a major drug ring.

Jonah M. Simoneau, remains at York County Prison on $150,000 bail.

Adelmo Perlaza-Montano,owner of three fishing boats that were seized after authorities found them smuggling cocaine from Colombia

Eddie J. Dorantes, 41, and Oscar F. Chong-Aguirre, 52. Both men are from Las Vegas, Nevada. They are accused of hauling more than 500 pounds cocaine

Alexander Armando Martin, 45, of Naples placed under arrest for possession of Cocaine

Two men were attacked and forced to hand over jewellery and a mobile phone when they were targeted by a gang of robbers

Police investigating the murder of Daniel Keatinge, 25, say he was targeted, but the motive for the killing remains unknown.

Malcolm Webster, 49, will appear in court in Scotland tomorrow, New Zealand time, charged in connection with the death of his first wife, Claire,