330 lbs of heroin in a truck

Paula Richards

Neil Mounce

A 24-year-old man Dublin

Sergeant David Nyarko, Lance Corporals Dwamena Yabson and Peter Bundorin

Aleck C. Gayle, Willie Simmons Jr,Jerrell Hodge

Arvy James Flanigan, 23

36-year-old former UN worker Bert Tatham of Vancouver.

Dr. Sean Buckingham

Konstantin Gagkayev, 25, and Andre Latendre, 21,Jeffrey Jones, 21.

Mark F. Frankenthal

Lisa D. Bivona

Ernest J. Lamonica

Diana H. Mason

man, allegedly carrying $24,000, was arrested in Adelaide

Christopher W. Trimble

Mark F. Frankenthal and Lisa Bivona

Zeferi Hernandez-Gonzalez, 40, Felipe Candido-Anastcio, 35, and Jose Luis Jimenez-Rojas, 25.

Lt. Michael Ferguson,Maurice Ferguson.

Lindsay Lohan

Drug Smugglers open new routes across the Sahara

Jom'eh Khan Gomshad Zehi

Hilario Larrago

Sandra Avila "Queen of the Pacific"

Iran hanged three convicted drug smugglers

beheaded or mutilated bodies of five people

Kenneth Robinson, 34

89 suspects from five gangs

Samuel Dale Lightner

Tarachjae Lafon Murphy

Joel Ray Hunter

Donald Grier

Rodney Danielle Dillingham

George Antron Gore

Q, Shorty. Keon Jamar Blackmon

Kenneth Scott Beavers

Dr. Douglas L. Jackson & Barry K. Downey

Hossein Karimi Ricabadi

Kamran Amin

Shahid Nazir Bhatti

statue of the Virgin Mary

Marco Vella, 34, and Wendy Janet Agius

executed two Thai men

600 kg of refined hashish

33-year-old Italian and 24-year-old Dutchman

Hakem al-Zayadi

Ayesh Bin Hajhooj al-Atwi was executed on Wednesday

S.D Dob 20.09.83 of No 4/1 Richardson’s Passage

Be warned - don't fly Etihad unless you have a permit to drink alcohol because you might end up in an Abu Dhabi prison like these men," he said.

Nicholas Bernard Taylor

international adviser with the Poppy Elimination Programme

Celestino Made Santiago Police Officer

British tourist has been jailed for four years

Loyd Hamoonga

Bijoy Sinha Roy

Morocco 11 tons of hashish aboard two TIR trucks

Jonathan Zulu

Zheng Xiaoyu, former head of China's drug watchdog, has been executed.

Malta man

Nakamura Yukihito

Nepali national

5 kilos of cannabis extract on board their car.

A 42 year old man from Sliema

Two Afghan nationals

Tangier Portuguese citizens were arrested by the customs

Moroccan customs officers

four years in jail

Taiki Nakamura and Keiji Umeno

Baha Jambol

Life Sentence

Pfingsten Thomas (45),

Middlesbrough Academy player Lewis Walker mother Tracy Walker

mother is now under arrest

Eric Desvaux French Policeman

Robin Adkins

The charge of trafficking carries the mandatory death sentence

Greek Orthodox nunnery

Intent to Supply

Operation Nemesis

29-year old Sierra Leone national and 32-year old Nigerian

Vladimir Dimitrov Konstantinov

Bulgarian customs officers

death of a 23 year old Brasilian

Katy Conner