Wednesday, 12 December 2007

LISKA and BOHINC advertised and sold over the internet a product that they called BOOM

TIBOR LISKA and BLAKE BOHINC were arrested this afternoon on charges that they used interstate wires to market and sell, in the United States and abroad, the active ingredient in the prescription drug Viagra by falsely labeling it as a purely herbal supplement they called "BOOM!". According to a criminal Complaint filed today in Manhattan federal court:
From at least March 2006 through November 2007, LISKA and BOHINC advertised and sold over the internet a product that they called BOOM! -- purported to be a purely herbal supplement for the enhancement of sexual performance -- which was sold in individual packets containing chocolate-flavored powder. Internet advertisements for BOOM! claimed that the product was a "far safer" and "certainly less expensive" herbal alternative to Viagra.

Nigeria Arrests

32-year-old Ahukanna Chukwuka Daniel was caught by the law enforcement agents with hard drugs while boarding an Italian bound Alitalia aircraft from the airport.
Also caught was 36-year-old Ike Prince Chris, who attempted to smuggle some drugs to Germany aboard a KLM flight.
Only on last Friday, the anti drug agency, in a statement by its spokesman, Ofoyeju Mitchel said it had arrested one Mwaugo Magnus Emeka for attempting to beat the security point to export some drugs, through Ethiopian airline to Israel.

5 years for drug dealing

50 year old from Scotland who is doing 5 years for drug dealing. He filled me in pretty well on how the arrest and conviction process works over here. I must say it takes your breath away! When I think of the slack attitude most tourists in Bali have towards drugs when the reality is that possession is considered a serious offence and marijuana a Class A drug, I shudder. There are people here doing 20 years for drugs and they are going nowhere unless a Solution can be reached. My interviewee told me all about Solutions and it also blew me away.

Schapelle Corby

Schapelle Corby is languishing in a Balinese jail as are the Bali Nine, and now, a young woman of only 42 years of age is facing jail time in Lombok for her part in possessing and dealing drugs in Indonesia. At one time she was initially facing drug charges which carried a maximum penalty of death. A long-term resident of Lombok, Higgs ran a small resort with her husband Melvin before she was arrested after a raid on her home in February.
She was charged with using and dealing marijuana which is classed as a narcotic under Indonesia's tough drug laws. Prosecutors have demanded a one year jail sentence for the woman arrested in the city of Mataram for possession of 49.6 grams of marijuana. She told the police that she bought the drug for Rp 500,000 for her own use.

Bali Party Arrests

3 foreign men from Italy, Australia and Belgium were arrested at a Kerobokan villa during a raid on a party.
Its quite possible that some of those arrested had nothing to do with drugs, but were simply in the vicinity. In all likelihood the person who sold the drugs, heard about the upcoming party and informed on them. The Scottish fellow I interviewed inside Kerobokan jail a while back claimed he was arrested for being in the vicinity of a drug transaction, but had no part in it.

21 American citizens have died in custody in Mexico

21 American citizens have died in custody in Mexico and that "Mexican police regularly obtain information through torture."

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