Jim Adams and Tricia Adams have been charged federally with the illegal sale of Schedule II prescription narcotics

Charles Bowman and William Baugh Officials found over 100 hydrocodone pills and 3 quarters of a pound of compressed marijuana in the suspects' vehicle

David Scott Kiger sentenced to eight years.

Deanisha L. Rutherford,pleaded guilty Thursday to attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance and promoting prison contraband.

Christian Renteria-Ley sold the heroin to Ryan Dean Russell, who then sold some of the illegal drug to Mary Gilliland.

MacKenzie Phillips, 48, was arrested earlier today (August 27) at LAX International Airport

Samantha Krawshuk and others had bought heroin and paid for a hotel room in Avon after a trip to the pawn shop to unload the goods

Gian Singh Sandhu, 29, was convicted of cocaine possession for the purpose of trafficking and importing drugs

Dillon O'Brien, from Clonsilla in Dublin, appeared in court alongside Thomas and Sean Hinchon, of St Ronan's Close, Clondalkin,

Abergil brothers, Yitzhak and Meir, were remanded in custody for 20 days yesterday pending a request by law enforcement in the United States

Gladisse Alexandra Molar arrested a Brazilian woman after finding a haul of three kilograms and 20 grams of cocaine in her possession.

Quirino Paulino Castillo, charged with trafficking almost 1 400 kilos of cocaine into the US.

Douglas Albrightson, a crew member for an international airline, was arrested on Saturday at Cape Town International Airport

Joseph Tyrell Sanders and Shamela Ashon Peele charged on August 22nd.

Maurice Terrill Robinson,was charged with two counts of felony possession of a Schedule II controlled substance (cocaine)

Alfonso "Fonnie" Caldwell faces a statutory mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years imprisonment, up to life, was in custody at the federal detention

Heshima Lawrence,was charged with possession of crack cocaine.

Anthony John Richard Lyons admitted importing drugs and possessing drugs with intent to supply at a Court of General Gaol

Marques Holmes was arrested on one count of Class A felony dealing cocaine and two counts of Class B felony dealing cocaine.

Huang Chih Huang, 34, was sentenced to 20 years in prison and fined 60 million riel

Shann Marshall, Brandon Quezergue,and Kinda Brown, arrested

Ruben Rios Estrada, nicknamed "El Pit," a reputed enforcer for the Arellano Felix cartel.

Perry Ingomar Toornstra, 28, is serving 15 years after he was found guilty of importing over 4,000 ecstasy pills and 460 LSD trips in 2000.